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      Our technology, your success

      Zhejiang BEIER control valve Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, the Department of...

      Our quality, your pursuit

      The BEIER Co of the straight stroke control valve stem seal the use of three types ....

      GYL21241C lined straight trip regulating valve

      GYL21241C lined straight trip regulating valve

      ◆ L21241C straight-lined stroke control valve, using the valve body and inner parts are all lined structure, effectively blocking the corrosive medium on the body o...

      Inquiries Address:

      • East 4 Road,High-Tech Park, Gexiang, Ruian City,Zhejiang,China 325200
      • 0577-65399021(Sales)
        65399165 (Procurement)
        66085815 (Administration)
      • 05--65370559
      • E-mail: info@beiervalve.com
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